Beyond Your Expectation, The Ultimate High Security Entrance System & Smart Home Solution

Master Keying
The Power of Being Your Own Master

The unique Master Key System is based on customer's request for the authorized access control up to 7 levels to suit any purpose.

Integrate all keys into one master key to get rid of your overloaded key ring and save time in case of emergency

The one key for all system offers the flexibility of sophisticated key access for a variety of locking applications like door locks, padlocks, vehicle locks, safes, drawer locks, etc. suitable for houses, offices, warehouses, factories, apartments, condominiums, and hotels.

Computer software to design and manage your Master Key Systems to avoid human errors and enhance security

Complexity, Flexibility, Convenience, and most of all; Security
V.T.C. offers ultimate security solution that

The variety of MUL-T-LOCK ? products for use at home, office, cars etc. may be Master keyed.

Computer Software for Security Enhancement